Midnight Reading



Film: Werner Herzog vs. The Volcano




Washington Post: Guide to Inaugural Protests and Demonstrations


11/28 – 12/4:

NYTimes:  Another Mass Grave Dug by ISIS and to Ghastly Renewed Ritual


11/21 – 11/27:

The Atlantic – In DC, White Families Are On Average 81 Times Richer Than Black Ones

Mother Jones – White Nationalists See Trump As Their Troll In Chief – Is He With Them?

Vanity Fair – How the Trump Administration Could Be a Conflict-Ridden Nightmare, A Citizen’s Guide


11/14 – 11/20:

Esquire – Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition Is A Hip Hop Masterpiece

Slate – Hitchens and I Shared an Office

Flavorwire – Inside the Notebooks of Famous Authors, Artists and Visionaries


10/24 – 10/30:

The New Yorker – Hillary Clinton and the Populist Revolt – by George Packer


9/26 – 10/3: Week of the Old-Timey Writer Fight

The Guardian – Lionel Shriver’s Keynote Speech on Cultural Appropriation in Fiction

The Guardian – Yassmin Abdel Magied’s Response to Lionel Shriver’s Speech

NYTimes – Will the Left Survive the Millennials? – Shriver’s rebuttal


9/19 – 9/25:

The New Yorker President Trump’s First Term – by Evan Osnos