My name is Molly Morrow. I am a writer who lives, works, dies and is born again by the light of the Duval Market neon sign every night in Austin, Texas. My work has appeared in The Princeton Sun, The Stranger, The Consortium of Innovative Environments For Learning Journal, The Austinot, The Airgonaut and countless other far more famous publications. In 2016 my flash fiction was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

In 2017 I finished a whole tree of Spanish on Duolingo.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your stuff. Happy to find someone transcribed that McCarthy reading. I started to myself, lost interest, but I noticed you missed some of the names

    [Georg] Cantor, [Carl Friedrich] Gauss, [Bernhard] Riemann, [Leonard] Euler, [David] Hilbert, [Henri] Poincaré, [Emmy Amalie] Noether, the ancients.. Hipatia. [Felix] Klein, [Hermann] Minkowski, [Alan] Turing, [John] von Neumann.. that’s not even a partial list. [Augustin-Louis] Cauchy, [Tien-Yien] Li, [Richard] Dedekind, [James] Brewer.. [George] Boole, [Giuseppe] Peono, [Alonzo] Church is still alive, [William Rowan] Hamilton, [Pierre-Simon] Laplace, [Joseph-Louis] Lagrange. You look at these names, and the work they represent, and you realize the annals of modern day literature and philosophy, by comparison, are barren beyond description.


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