[EARLIER, IN THE TRAILER]: “This is why we need to build a wall, this Mexican right here. He pees on everything. You watch him. Just watch and see. We took him to his girlfriend’s house earlier. He peed all over her couch. She’s a fuck up too, but not as bad as him. Clearly. But she still likes him, though, so obviously she’s fucked up past the point of any redemption. We put her in the Tank. She was down for eight months. Came out last week, won’t eat anything but cereal. So now Trina says that’s why the girl’s so fucked up so utterly beyond anything that could even be called hope on, like, the best day. But we all know she was way fucked up way before that. Tank just poured gasoline on cocoa puffs.”

[LATER, WITH TIMOFEY]: “Instead of needless to say, it’s needles to say. Instead of sharp dresser, it’s shark dresser. Instead of gun shy, it’s goon shy.” “They bring you in, seduce you, snip your variable strings and sticks.” “You mean they sedate you, like with medicine.” “Seduce, sedate…forever, same thing.” “You mean whatever.”



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