Questions Worth Asking: A Writing Inventory

  1. Is this sentence hideous?
  2. Am I just doing Bad Donald Barthelme again?
  3. Is every sentence hideous?
  4. Is there a word that means spiritually-ashamed-but-logistically-proud of a minor character’s sick-beyond-reason Pontiac sedan?
  5. Is this whole scene a cliche of thought?
  6. Is this whole story mocking me?
  7. Why am I doing anything?
  8. Is there a YouTube interview with James Baldwin I haven’t seen?
  9. Did Lauren Groff sell her soul to the devil?
  10. Should the devil be in this story?
  11. Was W.G. Sebald right?
  12. Did Pontiac even make a sedan?
  13. How many H.E.B. red velvet mini-cupcakes constitute breakfast?



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