How to Memorize Europe

From the first cold fraudulent water

Draw the first pair of ticking hands

Then the fish scales and gills on the skin of the clock.

To remember is to villainize, romanticize or amplify events into a plot.

Fold cranes from names and locations unfrought with future disaster.

Abstract maps indicate safer havens.

Geography marks where-before-and-


To forget is to lessen devastation.

Malta melts and drips from the tip of Italy,                                                                                             Denmark spits tobacco seeds at Swedes across the sea.       

Border-towns and war-torn countries endure more endurable changes

Than these smoldering blown out craters now projected on the cathedral of your heart

And we owe each other no more

Than refugees owe each other

To redraw the world without horror                                                                                                  

While keeping similar symbols for home , similar symbols for mother. 

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